So if you think paving you need to immediately remember the name Utopia Paving & Pools

We are proud to state that we have over 16 years of experience in the paving game and we developed vast understanding under our workers that is strong enough to lead the way for a strong and long lasting force, just as strong as the paving we mean doing at your home in the near future

Utopia Paving & Pools is a dynamic and strong force in paving as well as widely known company among buddy, providers and competitors. We likewise have to keep up with times and establishing of new items and ideas, since we pay attention to your requests.

cge1Utopia Paving & Pools is likewise kindlied to have individuals and vehicle fleet that might deal with the most difficult job to meet your needs as soon as possible or as asked for.

We make every task exiting and the worst of it is that we enjoy doing so and is pleased to leave your home at the end of the day, because its our professional work that’s their.

With all the above mentioned we exist to alter the look and design of your home at your time, in your cost bracket and with you as pleased as a happy client for life.


If we might put all this into one idea and ask the question:.

Exactly what is Utopia Paving & Pools everything about !!!!!
We stand as a force together and address with a smile:.
Allow us to come into your house with your invite and take your castle, alter it within your spending plan and our concepts and our inspiration as a group into something incredible for the next-door neighbors and bypasser to talk about.

To the browser on this website and all the people out there.
Utopia Paving & Pools in fact means:.
Paving done at:.
Value for your money costs !!!


Utopia Paving & Pools Team.

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Anton Jacobs

082 878 7407

012 811 2794

Plot 179, Tiegerpoort

Posbus 949, Wapadrand, 0050

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